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       you ready for the life you             want?



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Settling. Be Your True         &           Living!





in less than 1 year from now, your life could look and feel totally different than it does today.


You can have the more you want out of life.


More joy, love, happiness, health, choice, time, freedom, peace, trust, fun



Yes, more money, more wealth and more financial freedom 


What’s the more that you want?


Work With Me

When you think about it a swirl of energy starts in your gut, it activates your soul, it raises your body temperature and causes your heart to open and beat stronger. 


That is your intuition speaking to you. Like a whisper from the universe. That energy knows something your mind doesn’t. 


I urge you to trust yourself & follow it. 


My job as your mentor is to help you connect to that, hold on to it and bring it to life.


I want to make the process of bringing your dreams into existence easy for you. I want you to feel confident, supported, excited and free. I want your heart to burst right open, for you to feel more love and joy than ever, to experience fun in everything you do and for your business results to skyrocket.


Don’t wait for a life or health crisis to start listening to yourself, like I did.

Go for it now.

Get what you really want now.


I’m here to support you.


Choose the mentorship program  that is right for you.

V.I.P One on One Mentorship

Group Mentorship



I’m Sophie.

The life I have created for myself today is nothing compared to the life I used to live.


I know what it is like to want more and feel stuck. To be tired, burnt out, to be unfulfilled and constantly

thinking, “there must be more to life”


I know what it is like to fear the unknown, to be scared to make a mistake, to be afraid to fail, to worry about how it will all turn out.

I know what it is like to conform, to settle, to feel trapped, to feel like everything is a pretense and to avoid change.




There was a part of me that started to fear regret more than anything else.


There was a part of me that still believed.




I made a decision. 

I hired a mentor.

And everything changed.


I started to listen to my intuition. I started to speak my truth, I learned some new skills and took actions that were aligned with what I really wanted. 


Now, every aspect of my life looks and feels different.


I have the relationship of my dreams. I beat cancer. 

I had a baby in the pandemic. I built a real estate portfolio.

I sleep restfully & I have more free time.

At 47 I am living my best life so far.


AND the best is yet to come.


I will share everything with you.


I’m here to tell you it works out better than you think, and it’s worth it. You are worth it.


Go for the more you want. You are not alone. I’m here to show you the way.


If not now, when?

Your future is waiting.


I believe we can have it all!

I do, and so can you.

Let’s go for it!


President Home Loans CIBC

“Sophie helps leaders recognize their sharp edges, become self-aware and increase their

personal effectiveness in leading others. She teaches leaders how to ask the right questions, and she shows

you how to coach and develop your people in a way that stimulates change.  

She delivers practical insights that leaders can act upon quickly and addresses uncomfortable issues in a safe

and non-threatening way. Sophie has that rare combination that makes a great teacher, thought leader,

classroom facilitator and coach.”


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Located In Toronto ON

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